The Function of Gaskets in Your Vehicle

The gaskets in a vehicle perform several primary functions. Gaskets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Gaskets can withstand high temperatures and create a seal in particular areas of your vehicle.

The primary gaskets in a vehicle are the intake manifold gasket, head gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, and the camshaft gasket. Due to the job requirement of gaskets in your vehicle, they may fail or need replacement at any time.

If you are aware of your vehicle overheating, smoke from the tailpipe, oil in the coolant or low cylinder pressure, you may have a faulty or worn gasket. There are ways of preventing the wear and damage to gaskets, such as performing manufacturer-recommended oil and fluid changes at the proper times.

Contact the Mazda service technicians at Bill Hood Mazda in Hammond, LA to schedule your vehicle's maintenance and to check the status of your vehicle's gaskets to prevent the problems that occur with gasket failure.

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