Keep Food Secure When Driving During the Holidays

Family events, potlucks and holiday parties are all circumstances where you could be transporting food in your car this season. The best way to beat the mess is to be well prepared. Here are some tips from the Bill Hood Mazda sales team to keep your food safe and secure while you drive.

  • Use boxes to transport your containers of food. Towels around your containers will help keep them stable while you drive.
  • Wrap your containers and tin foil for less spillage. Use air-tight containers if you have them.
  • Take a route that is less bumpy. Your food will be safer on a slow and smooth drive.
  • Don't forget the pot holders. This helps if there are spills and getting that hot food into the holiday event.

We at Bill Hood Mazda in Hammond, LA wish you a happy holiday season and welcome you to come in to discuss other holiday driving tips for your vehicle.

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